the definitive answer to automatic dishwashing in professional kitchens

Put a smile on your guests' faces

Your dishes are in good hands

With Clenitive, your dishwashing is in good hands. You're always certain that you'll serve your delicious courses on shiny clean pates.

No stains

The Clenitive agents take care of cleaning even the toughest stains, while giving your plates the noticeable shine worthy of your clientele.

No residual smell

When it comes to dishwashing, it's not only about looks. Tough food stains can leave residual smells on your plates. Clenitive makes sure this is a worry of the past.

Less time

Thanks to the Clenitive rinse aids, it only takes a few seconds for the plates to dry once out of the dishwasher.

The core of the solution

Clenitive Auto

Shining dishes guaranteed.

Clenitive auto detergent


Clenitive auto rinse-aid



concentration & efficiency

The most concentrated

Clenitive Ultra

Perfect for big conveyors and high-volume dishwashing processes.

Clenitive ultra detergent


Clenitive ultra rinse-aid


The one for glassware

Clenitive Glass

Takes special care of your glassware. Guarantees fresh, odourless and clean glasses everytime.

Clenitive glass detergent


Clenitive glass rinse-aid


Give life back to your dishwasher

You made sure you that you picked the best dishwasher out there. Now make sure you treat it right. Choosing the right chemical supplier can be as beneficial as purchasing a new dishwasher!

Aseptic takes care of your equipment

All clenitive customers benefit from free services. Our field specialists frequently visit and make sure your dishwasher is in a brand new state, everytime.

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